The night is frigid. The rain is pouring.  People flocked inside the cafe for a cup of warm coffee. I went here to write but I can’t come up with something because of my creative block. I don’t want to go home without an output.

I’ve been doing this every time I need to write creatively. There’s a need for me to tap my senses and soul; perpetually digging for words to create a tangible form of my own thoughts.

What story do I want to tell?

I’ve been here for an hour already and still got no answer.

Good thing there’s the rain.

~Oh, the rain…mesmerizing.

Distracting me from my problem. Losing me from my train of thoughts. I hope I can order another latte but I can’t bring myself to stand from where I’m watching the rain.

~Lovely, just enough of what I need.

After a few moment, I saw a guy coming.

He’s wearing a white shirt and shorts. He stopped in front of the cafe’s porch and folds the umbrella drenched from the rain. I saw another unused umbrella clasped between his armpit. What a sight…

He went inside and walked towards me. He smiled.

“Done with the dishes. I also prepared our bed. Should we go now?” he told me.

What a thoughtful guy.

I felt guilty leaving him with cleaning the dishes tonight, but I’ll make up for it. I immediately said yes that we can go home now. I gathered my things and went outside with him.

~I love the rain. I love this guy.

I thought as we walk side by side under our umbrellas.

We arrived at the parking lot. He opened the passenger seat of his pickup truck and I went inside. He took my umbrella, fold it, and closed the door by my side. He went in took the driver’s seat, put the folded umbrellas at the backseat, and started the engine.

“Had a great evening?” he asked me. I definitely answered yes.

I smiled and he gave me a peck on my cheeks.

~I love this evening and the rain.

~Damn, I love him.

And it feels right.


-Anonymous (July 2017)



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